Tumi Ishi-Wooden Rocks - Building Blocks -30pcs-Vintage Collection - Naya North
Tumi Ishi-Wooden Rocks - Building Blocks -Vintage Collection - Naya North
Tumi Ishi-Wooden Rocks - Building Blocks -15 pcs-Vintage Collection - Naya North

Tumi Ishi Wooden Rocks Vintage Collection

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Tumi Ishi Montessori Wooden Rocks

Our bestselling Montessori Tumi Ishi balancing wooden rocks are a natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic wooden toy and perfect for playful and creative children as well as adults. We had the luck to find this beautiful special collection of the Tumi Ishi and are very happy to have it in our store.

Childs play: The Tumi Ishi Blocks are ideal for building towers, landscapes and for piling up. They encourage children to think out of the box as they have to consider the best way to place each block, resulting in a ton of problem-solving and wrist rotation. They are fantastic for promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence as the towers continually fall over and the child rebuilds, and for developing concentration and coordination. 
Bonus: The blocks are smooth, tactile and lovely to touch, and many use them as a stress reliever. 

Stones piled up on beach-Tumi Ishi-Naya North

The Tumi Ishi Stones are inspired by the ancient Japanese game Tumi Ishi which means ‘piled rocks’ and you can stack, build, balance and make games with the stones. Unlike standard square blocks, each Tumi Ishi Block is made by hand and different in size and shape, just as stones are in nature making them more challenging to stack.

As home décor: You can even use the Tumi Ishi Blocks as decoration in your home. Stack them on a shelf – or your dining room table when you have guests over and you will see how they will find it hard not to start playing with the rocks.


  • Cleaning: Wipe the blocks with a damp cloth.
  • The Montessori Tumi Ishi Blocks are handmaid.
  • Materials: Wood and non-toxic water based paint. 
  • Certification: CE

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