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Eames House Bird - Reproduction

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The Eames House Bird

The Eames House Bird was originally a Native American souvenir from the Appalachian mountain region in the northeast of the USA from 1910. The bird fascinated Ray and Charles Eames and was assigned a central place in their private home. The wooden bird was included in numerous advertisement photos hence it was a personal favorite of the couple and the timeless bird became coveted worldwide.

This bird sculpture is a beautiful decorative element that no designer household should be without. Whether on the floor, on the shelf, or on the windowsill - The Eames House Bird always cuts a fine figure everywhere and you can get your replica bird right here for an affordable price!


Size: H: 22,5 cm / 8.85 inches
Material: Oak and steel

*Please note that the stamps are photo watermarks from our manufacturer and not stamps on the actual figurines.

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